LANcet Chat

LANcet Chat 2.3

LANcet Chat is a software for local network real-time message exchange
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The main features of LANcet Chat are absence of an allocated server and perfect built-in Antiboss system. It works in a conference style where participants all have equal rights. The users of LANcet Chat are office workers, students of universities or home-LAN clients. Individual users can use LANcet Chat for fast productive dialogue at that time when usual means of dialogue (such as phone, ICQ etc) are not accessible or expensive. The Antiboss system allows to use LANcet Chat even at the very-angry-boss offices when you cannot do on the workstation anything but work! You can hide chat from your both desktop and taskbar by pressing <<0>> or <<1>> button. As quick as hide you can restore program window by the secret key combination (the default is <<2>>+<<3>>+<<4>>, you can generate your own secret key combination at any time). Your stupid boss simply will never find any of that darn chats on your desktop!

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